29 August 2009, jd2020 @ 3:32 pm

So I happened to be at a local park yesterday and couldn’t help taking note of how many plastic bottles I saw just strewn about as trash. Not to mention numerous styrofoam cups and containers. We’ve all seen this, but the bizarre thing was that there were trash cans set up all over the park. Even plastic bags had made their way into the beautiful water. It was a shameful sight since it was obvious that the trash had been tossed. C’mon parents, make an effort to change your ways and influence your children to be aware.

By complete coincidence, I saw this on the net today…
Picture was taken 1,000 miles offshore in the Pacific Ocean Garbage Patch by SEAPLEX researchers during an expedition to study the North Pacific Ocean Gyre.

17 August 2009, jd2020 @ 6:16 pm

Nice! Contestants prepare during an international hot air balloon festival in Baotou, North China’s Inner Mongolia.

11 August 2009, jd2020 @ 1:39 pm

The Perseid meteors are bits of 2,000-year-old debris left behind by the periodic comet Swift-Tuttle. Earth’s atmosphere collides with the debris at more than 38 kilometers (23 miles) a second. Meteors generally get incinerated before they can strike the ground, creating the streaks of superheated, glowing air we call shooting stars. Perseid Meteor Shower - August 12, 2008 A “shooting star” streaks over Canada’s Quebec Province during the Perseid meteor shower on August 12, 2008. Photograph by Michael Tournay, My Shot

Tonight (Tuesday 8/11/2009), from any vantage point in the world, you might see more than 80 meteors an hour streak across the sky during the best viewing time, when the moon’s glare will be weakest—late night and into the wee hours of Wednesday, local cloud and lighting conditions permitting.

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